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Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Psykopaint": Painting means more...

Psykopaint is an incredible Chrome app, with which you can make amazing art from photos, but the best thing is that you don't must to be good at painting and still better:  ...
 it's freeeeeeeeeeeeee! In Psykopaint you can paint and stylish on photos or on a blank screen. The greatest thing that Psykopaint released is that you can send your paintings as postcards anywhere in the world for just 2$ or as e-cards for freeeeeeeeee (again, yes!) !
All you must do is download Psykopaint on your Chrome, from Chrome Webstore and create a freeeee (again, yes, again free) account and then ... you're ready to paint and send your creations to your friends! See here a video about Psykopaint:

P.S. I insist so much on the idea "free", because it's so amazing what you can do with it!!!