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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun + Laughs + Garfield = "Garfield: The Movie"

Since I saw "Garfield: The Movie", Garfield became my favourite comics and cartoons hero. The movie is great and actually isn't a cartoon! It's a real movie with real actors, for example Garfield's vet is ....

Jennifer Love-Hewitt!
The action of the film is not really significant, but the jokes are very good and the movie is full of comic scenes which are completely new and original! This movie doesn't contain old jokes or boring moments, it's all extraordinary! Believe me, 'cause is my favourite movie!
The images that you can see anywhere on the Internet don't tell you a half of how funny and original is the movie! For these you must hear their dialogues...
Watch this film and you'll not regret! I love it!

P.S. Click on the downer comics with Garfield made by me. What do you think about it (leave me a comment)?