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Monday, February 20, 2012

Why you MUST see "Happy Feet Two"...

"Happy Feet Two" is a fabulous movie about Erik, the son of Gloria and Mumble. In the first "Happy Feet" the star was the little Mumble, the dancing penguin, which was in love with Gloria, the best singer.
In this amazing film Erik and his friends meet a bird which pretended that's a penguin who can fly and an entire island of a different kind of penguins than them which prayed at him, then an earthquake broke the area with all their penguins and families and Mumble, the bird, Erik and the sea-lions (with which Mumble become a friend) must catch fish for all.
I saw this great movie 2 weeks ago in IMAX 3D and is very cool! I recommend you to see it as soon as possible and find out how all the penguins are saved by Mumble's dance (again)!