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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 3rd Sims' wonder

"The Sims" is a very popular computer game which is now at the third series. The most popular and well-known is "The Sims 2" which has a lot of extension packs (that are buying individually) like: "Bon Voyage", "Pets", "Apartments", "Deluxe", "Double Deluxe", "University", "Seasons", which you can download from....
actually you can't download them. "The Sims 3" also has these extensions and others. It was created a version of "The Sims 3" in Java Script for the mobile phones (all the mobile phones with Java, not just the smart-phones) and it works very well.
You can download "The Sims 3" classic in the Beta version for free, else you can buy it from the special markets. "The Sims 3" is pretty expensive, so I think that you'll be satisfied with it in Beta. I was.
Anyway, "The Sims 3" is a great game. I don't spend so many time on this game, but my friends sometimes spend all the day...
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