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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Incepe scoala: :-) sau :-(

Fie ca va place sau nu, maine incepe scoala. Dupa o amanare de o saptamana de la programul initial, maine va avea loc in fiecare scoala deschiderea oficiala a anului scolar 2012-2013. Structura anului este aproximativ cea de anul trecut, exceptie facand vacanta de Paste de o singura saptamana. Mai exact, primul semestru se va termina inainte de Craciun, urmat de o vancanta de 3 saptamani si un al doilea semestru foarte lung. Dupa cum spuneam, vacanta de Paste are o singura saptamana in loc de 2 si nu cuprinde sarbatoarea pascala de pe 5 mai, vacanta situandu-se intre datele de 15-21 aprilie.

Revenind la evenimentele apropiate, in a doua saptamana de scoala se vor da TESTELE PREDICTIVE, care (pentru cei ce nu-si mai aduc aminte) sunt acele teste care nu se trec in catalog, dar conteaza enorm pentru prima impresie a profesorilor, deci... MULT NOROC!

Si in incheierea acestui articol vreau sa va urez SUCCES tuturor celor ce (re)veniti in bancile scolii de maine si ultime ore de vacanta placute!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Knowing" - a great mystery, drama and Sci-Fi story

"Knowing" is a quite old movie, from 2009, which brings Nicolas Cage and Chandler Canterbury in the center of a story categorized by some critics as a thriller, but in fact nothing scarier than just a very exciting combination of mystery, Sci-Fi and some of a drama.

Anyway, the movie presents the story of a teacher which opens a time capsule with drawings of the future made 50 years ago by some old students and gives an envelope with a drawing to every pupil at that school. An astro-physics professor's son gets a "drawing" with a lot of numbers, apparently random, which proves to be a...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to download an entire photo album from Facebook?

I'm sure that sometimes you needed to download an entire album from Facebook and your only solution was to manually download every single picture, but today I'll show you 2 quick methods to solve this problem:

  1. PICK 'n ZIP it's a simple online software which downloads albums from your Facebook account, your friends' accounts or other accounts' albums in which you're tagged. You don't need to install anything on your computer, just log in to Facebook through and follow the steps there.

  1. If you navigate with Google Chrome (and if you don't, today it's a great day to start) download from the Chrome Webstore the DOWNLOAD Fb ALBUMS extension.

Friday, August 17, 2012

C++: The "strcat" and "strcpy" functions

Today I'm going to introduce you 2 new functions from the "string.h"  library: "strcpy" which copies the content of a string in another one and "strcat"  which concatenates 2 strings.
I can't show you the syntax of these to functions better than with an example, so let's try to solve the following problem: In the input file there are 2 strings, "x" and "y". You have to create a "z" string with the content from the "x" string, followed by the content from the "y" string and between them the word "and". After that, print on the screen the 3 strings



the x string is apples
the y string is pears
the z string is apples and pears

Here you are the source-code for the problem, using the 2 functions:
#include <string.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
         freopen("", "r", stdin);

         freopen("problem.out", "w", stdout);
        char x[1000],y[1000],z[1000];
        int i;

        //now we'll read the 2 strings from the input file

        //in the next we'll copy the string "x" in the string "z"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World", only in IMAX

Sea Rex is a documentary movie which brings the T-Rex of the seas in the most amazing 3D technology, in IMAX theatres. The movie its not quite a documentary, giving you the chance to experience a wondrous adventure from the dinosaur age in a more real way and so, to immerse yourself in a lost age, 200 million years back in time...
This movie has unbelievable effects and lets you see science come alive in an entertaining way, so I can say that Sea Rex deserves attention even just for its effects and technology.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

This fall redefines technology

Seems like the most expected operating systems and devices are coming one after each other in September and October, when is announced the beginning of a new age of technology, because these are not just some little steps forward from the same main design idea: they represent a radical change of the appearance and main utilities with which we have already got used from the biggest companies, Apple and Microsoft, adapted to the change of modern man's lifestyle and also to the younger generation, which uses gadgets full-time.
Ending the generalization, let's see the spectacular releases concrete:

  • iPhone 5 running iOS 6
iPhone 5  may have a curved design...
iPhone 5 is a very expected smart-phone, since before the release of iPhone 4S. As we already know, Apple doesn't show its creations before the official release, so we need to wait until September 12th, when it will see the light of stores. Of course, that there are enough rumors about how will it look like, so let's see some of them:

...or it may be transparent!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Words in English that are often confused

Here you are a list with some usual words, in English, that use to be confused. It's very helpful for all of us to read this list, but also interesting, because we see how some different groups of letters are pronounced in the same way.

  • accept verb: Please accept this gift.
except preposition: every day except Friday.

  • advice noun: He always gives good advice.
advise verb: I wouldn't advise doing that.

  • affect verb: Tiredness affects concentration.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

iOS 6 coming this fall

On the website of Apple, on iPod's dedicated page you can see a very important announce, which looks like this:

"iOS 6 coming this fall!"

It's not very unexpectedly, but now we know for sure that iPhone 5 will come with a brand new operating system.

Of course, you think that when you click on this link, you'll "Get a preview!" , but instead you'll see an article about iOS 5!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Yoyo Cell

SITUATION: "You, walking down the street, stressed about your discharged phone and bored to death... :-("
Talking about the presented situation (which happens to everybody pretty often), we see that it comes with 2 problems, so 2 necessities. First: a phone charger and 2nd: a toy.

The Yo yo Cell
Well, I have the perfect solution for this situation: THE YO YO CELL!!!

It has the basic functions of a phone and by dragging out its built-in earphones cable it turns into a yo yo. Playing with the yo yo, you charge the phone!!! Isn't it perfect?

The Yoyo charge
Also, if you don't want to lose the functionality of a smart-phone, you can by a yo yo charger. See it in the picture.

Would you buy a yo yo cell or a yo yo charger? I think the 2nd option is really interesting.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 10 Android apps for this summer

Hi, Readers! Today I've made for you a list with 10 HOT  FREE ANDROID APPS FOR THIS SUMMER! You'll just love them!

  1. Chomp SMS
  2. Tom's Messenger
  3. Blogaway
  4. Temple Run
  5. Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP
  6. Birthdays - Free
  7. Season Zen Free
  8. Tripping Fest Drawing
  9. Bounce Classic
  10. See Now
Share your opinion about these apps in comments and recommend your own favorites.

P.S. The list is with apps about I thought that the probability to already have them installed is very less. If you don't use to visit my blog frequently, you also might like the following apps: Bouncy MouseAngry BirdsLaputaSeesmic and Play.

C++: Diferente intre Borland C++ si MinGW


Diferentele dintre aceste 2 medii de programare sunt putine la nivel incepator, mediu si nu foarte avansat, insa la nivel profesionist acestea incep sa se inmulteasca. In acest articol, va voi prezenta CELE MAI SEMNIFICATIVE 7 DIFERENTE DINTRE BORLAND C++ SI MINGW, suficiente pentru categoria intai enumerata.

  1. Functia principala ("main") nu mai poate fi declarata de tip "void" (ca in Borland), ci doar de tip "int", implicand aparitia randului de comanda "return 0;", la sfarsitul programului.
  2. Dupa anumite biblioteci (precum "fstream", "iostream" si "algorithm") mai trebuie introdusa comanda pentru alocare de spatiu: "using namespace std;".
  3. ".h" - ul de la finalul tuturor bibliotecilor din Borland dispare in unele cazuri (ex. "fstream" si "iostream"), iar in celelalte cazuri se pastreaza (ex. "math.h" si "stdio.h") si se poate inlocui cu un "c" la inceput, ambele fiind corecte in MinGW (adica se poate scrie "stdio.h" sau "cstdio").
  4. Limitele se maresc foarte mult pentru tipurile de declarare a varibilelor, "int" ajungand aproape cat vechiul "long"!!!
  5. Programul primeste un "WARNING" daca nu este dat un "Enter" la sfarsitul sursei, astfel incat cursorul mouse-ului sa fie pe randul urmator, ca in imagine:

5 Curiosities about animals


Did you know that...

  1. the giraffe is pregnant 475 days and it can give birth to only one baby once?
  2. the jellyfish from the Turritopsis Nutricula species are immortal?
  3. the white rhino is the 2nd largest land animal, after the elephant?
  4. the wolf can move his eyes for 250 degrees?
  5. we have 98% genetical features common with the monkeys?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Introduction in Origami

Today I've decided to start a new series of articles about origami, the traditional Japanese art which consists in creating paper figurines. For the beginning, you should know why it is called "origami": the name comes from the Japanese words "ori", that means "to fold", and "kami", that means "paper".

The base of origami is folding the coloured paper, for representing different animals, birds, boats, flowers etc. obtained by various combinations of surfaces and lines. There is the possibility of creating a large diversity of figurines, which confers a plus of originality to this art.

Some people treated origami as a simple game, but the most of them considered it as art, due to the possibility to represent creatively and realistically different subjects. The true beauty of the origami art is...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

iGoogle will not be available anymore starting with November 1st, 2013!

Google decided to withdraw the iGoogle service from November 1, 2013! This announcement appears under the search box from the page.

How did Google come to this decision?

Google explained their decision as following: " We launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine the ways that today's web and mobile apps would put personalized, real-time information at your fingertips. With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, giving you a full 16 months to adjust or easily export your iGoogle data."

What will happen with our personal data stored on iGoogle's gadgets?

Google will not erase the data stored in the gadgets and will make them still accessible for you via other Google products linked with your account (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Finance, Google Calendar and other).

At the moment, 7.1 million people use iGoogle and for 6.5 million of them it represents the homepage. This means lose of interest?

Citeste scrisoarea de protest de pe foaia de BAC a unui elev!

Un elev absolvent de liceu care a sustinut probele de bacalaureat anul acesta a intocmit o scrisoare de protest pe foaia de examen, in loc sa rezolve subiectele. In aceasta mult controversata scrisoare, elevul da vina pe societate pentru rezultatele dezastruoase din invatamantul romanesc, pe faptul ca ne sunt promovati ca modele oameni al caror nivel intelectual nu poate fi dat exemplu si numeste actuala generatie ca fiind "PRIMII care se vor revolta impotriva voastra (n.r. politicieni si mass-media). Citeste lucrarea acestuia mai jos:

Generaţia rataţilor! Generaţia etnobotanistilor! Generaţia idioţilor! Generaţia facebook! – aşa ne cataloghează mass media şi opinia publică din întreaga ţară în zilele acestea pe toţi care am dat Bacalaureatul– eu le spun doar atât –RUSINERuşine tuturor!
Ruşine pentru că aţi ajuns să daţi vina pe...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Patratele perfecte ale numerelor mai mici ca <30




112=121 212=441
22=4 122=144 222=484
32=9 132=169 232=529
42=16 142=196 242=576
52=25 152=225 252=625
62=36 162=256 262=676
72=49 172=289 272=729
82=64 182=324 282=784
92=81 192=361 292=841
102=100 202=400 302=900

C++: Ciurul lui Eratostene

Ciurul lui Eratostene este o metoda de verificare a numerelor daca sunt prime, destul de lenta si foarte limitata la matematica, dar cea mai rapida la informatica, in cazul in care se cere verificarea proprietatii de prim pentru mai multe numere. In cazul a mai putin de 10 numere se foloseste algoritmul clasic: Verificarea lui "n" daca este prim (varianta clasica).
Pasul 1: Cream un sir de numere consecutive (de la 2) pana la maximul posibil precizat in restrictiile problemei.
Pasul 2: Incepem cu primul numar (2) si intr-un sir auxiliar cu exact atatea elemente ca primul (in care initial toate sunt 0) marcam multiplii numarului, prin transformarea in 1 a valorilor corespunzatoare acestora, din al IIlea sir.
Pasul 3: Luam urmatorul numar pentru care valoarea sa din al IIlea sir este 0 si repetam pasul 2 pentru numarul respectiv.
Pasul 4: .......

Les métiers





Le boulanger/la boulangère

La boulangerie

Pain, croissants

Le médecin


La santé

Le chef

La cuisine

Des plats

Le juge

La Salle d’Audience

La loi


La scène

Des films, théâtre

Le sculpteur/la sculptrice


Des sculptures

Le chanteur/la chanteuse

La scène

La musique


L’avion, le ciel

Le voleur




Le constructeur

Le chantier

Des constructions

Le tailleur/la tailleuse


Des confections

Le pêcheur

La rivière, la flufe

Des poissons

Le boucher

La boucherie

La viande

Le journaliste


Le journal

Le vandeur/la vandrice

Le magasin

Viande, pain

Le marine

La mer, l’océan

Des croisiérs

Proprietatile patratului perfect

  • Daca p/n2 => p2/n2 (p=un nr. prim)
  • k=n2. Daca Dk={1, n, n2} => n=un nr. prim
  • Un nr. este patrat perfect daca:
    • se poate scrie ca n2
  • Un nr. nu este patrat perfect daca:
    • ultima cifra a sa este 2, 3, 7 sau 8
    • ultimele doua cifre ale sale nu se gasesc printre: 00, 01, 21, 41, 61, 81, 04, 24, 44, 64, 84, 25, 16, 36, 56, 76, 96, 09, 29, 49, 69, 89
    • este de forma: M3+2, M4+2, M4+3, M5+2, M5+3, ...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Subiectul controversat de la Capacitate


La proba Limba şi Literatura Română a Evaluarii Nationale sustinuta lunielevii de clasa a VIII-a au întâmpinat cele mai mari probleme la punctul 3 al subiectului II unde au trebuit să numească tipul unei propoziţii:
“3. Propoziţia subordonată din fraza “Ceea ce mă jenează este dificultatea răsfoirii” este:
a. atributivă
b. predicativă
c. subiectivă
Potrivit baremului de corectare, varianta corectă este...

Povestea fustelor scotiene


Cel mai celebru articol vestimentar scotian din toate timpurile este cu siguranta klit-ul, adica fusta scotiana in carouri, ce era si inca este purtata numai de barbati.
In vechime, klit-ul era purtat tot timpul, mai ales in timpul luptelor intre clanurile scotiene, unde se deosebeau dupa tartan.Tartanul reprezenta culorile si modelul carourilor fustei, fiecare model apartinand unui anumit clan regional scotian. Astazi klit-ul mai este purtat la nunti, botezuri si in general, la evenimentele traditionale.
Un obicei din zilele noastre este ca …

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Google celebrates the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing's birth

Today, Google celebrates the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing's birth. He was a British mathematician, computer scientist and cryptanalyst, known for The Halting Problem, The Turing Machine, The Turing Award (the equivalent of The Nobel Award for computer scientists), The Turing Patterns, The Automatic Computing Engine and The Cryptanalysis of The Enigma.

The Google Doodle represents a functional Turing Machine, with which you can play.

Jessie J. la Mamaia, pe 28 iulie, intrarea libera

Unul dintre cele mai asteptate concerte ale verii din Romania va fi cel al lui Jessie J., pe data de 28 iulie, pe plaja H2O din Mamaia, la ora 19:00. Plaja va fi plina probabil cu multe ore inainte, deoarece concertul este cu intrare libera, ca toate evenimentele din cadrul Orange Summer Party.
Jessie J. a devenit faimoasa dupa single-ul sau de mare succes "Price Tag", care a ajuns al 22-lea cel mai vizionat videoclip pe Internet din toate timpurile (il puteti vedea mai jos si puteti asculta melodia oricand de pe iPod-ul din dreapta paginii). Un alt single de succes al artistei este "Domino".

Saturday, June 16, 2012

In pregatirea ultimei saptamani de scoala

In saptamana anterioara am inceput deja sa simtim cum aerul greu al scolii isi ia zborul, iar vacanta se resimte deja. Tot atunci, majoritatea elevilor si-au predat manualele, iar orele constau doar in ascultarea colegilor mai lenesi pe timpul anului si in incheierea mediilor. Multi isi fac ultimele calcule ale mediilor pentru mult ravnitele premii!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Arta romanica si stilul gotic


Arta romanica (sec. X-XII)

Arta e influentata in continuare de Biserica si stat. Sculptura este subordonata arhitecturii. Personajele reprezinta sfintii, grotesti, fara proportii si inghesuite in nise de piatra. Aceste grupuri statuare erau spiritualizate. Arhitectura aduce in prim-plan ceva noutati:
- CAPITELUL este reinventat si in locul influentelor antice ale stilurilor doric si corintic sunt inventate personaje monstruoase
- arcul rotund in bolta
- donjonul(turn de observatie) ...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Omul poate citi cuvinte cu literele amestecate

Citeste urmatoarele randuri si vei intelege:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

C++: Descompunerea in factori primi


Descompunerea in factori primi (sau descompunerea canonica) este un algoritm foarte util, chiar unul dintre cei de baza.

Cu ajutorul algoritmului obtinem fiecare factor din descompunere alaturi de puterea la care apare si, in randurile de mai jos, le afisam:









                    cout<<f<<” “<<p;



“f” reprezinta factorul, iar “p” puterea.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Heidi" - summary help / test

For doing a great summary you need to start from a reading sheet, or from some ideas about the text. Of course that, before writing these, you must put yourself some questions and answer them, for being sure that you have understood the text perfectly.
By solving the excercices below you will see which parts of the book you need to read again and after that you will can do the summary of "Heidi", by Johanna Spyri, with no problems.

1. Answer these questions: 
  • What happened to Heidi's parents? 
  •  Why did Dete take Heidi to Grandfather's house? 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Pentru inceput vreau sa urez "La multi ani!" tuturor copiilor, deoarece astazi este Ziua Internationala a Copilului! Multi parinti vor probabil sa-si duca copiii undeva de ziua lor, motiv pentru care majoritatea muzeelor, primariilor etc. organizeaza activitati speciale cu ocazia zilei de 1 iunie. De exemplu, unul dintre muzeele la care merita sa mergeti este Muzeul Taranului Roman, unde copii vor fi primiti gratuit si unde se organizeaza un targ special in curtea muzeului, cu multe surprize. 
In unele orase, in scoli, orele de curs au fost inlocuite cu jocuri, concursuri, ore de lucru manual (olarit etc.) si multe altele, iar primariile au impartit cadouri micutilor.
Deasemenea, pentru cei care se tem de aglomeratii, trebuie spus ca atmosfera de sarbatoare se va prelungi pe intregul week-end!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy xCover: a "rugged" smartphone

Are you clumpsy and you use to change phones frequently because they fell once in water or on any hard ground and were damaged beyond repair? If you do, maybe that's why you can't afford to have a smartphone...
Since now, this will never happen again! Today I'm going to present you a "rugged" smartphone: SAMSUNG GALAXY XCOVER! It is dust-proof, water-proof, shock-resistant and it has the latest "Gorilla Glass" touch-screen, but xCover is not just an incredible resistant smartphone: his OS is...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stiati ca...


  • in China si Thailanda, la numerotarea caselor, se "sare" peste cifra 4?
  • cel mai lung cuvant din limba romana este   pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconioza?
  • tara cu cele mai mari castiguri zilnice este Panama, din America Centrala?
  • cuvantul "COP" din engleza americana este de fapt un acronim, de la "Constable on Patrol" din engleza britanica, unde inseamna "politisti in patrulare"?
  • multe dintre telefoane au o incarcare de rezerva in baterie de aproape 50%, care se activeaza la apelarea codului *3370#?
  • Leonardo da Vinci a inventat foarfeca?
  • dalmatienii se nasc fara nicio pata?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most well-known geniuses in the history. His most famous discovery is E=mc^2, but also The Theory of Relativity was signed by him and many others.
Einstein lived in the 20th century and he made huge progresses in Physics and Mathematics.
He was known as a good person and he like to help kids. Einstein was married twicw and he had a daughter and two sons.
His theories wore and still are very controversed and missunderstood, especially The Special Relativity.
He was born on the 14th of March, in 1879, in Germany and he died on the 18th of April, in 1955, in United States. During his life, Albert Einsteinlived in 7 countries and received 6 different citizenships
Einstein's notable awards are:

  • Nobel prize in Physics (1921)
  • Matteucci Medal (1921)
  • Copley Medal (1925)
  • Max Planck Medal (1929)
  • Time Person of the Century (1999)

C++: Functia “sort”, cea mai rapida metoda de sortare a vectorilor

Pana acum cunoastem ca metoda de sortare a vectorilor bubble sort-ul, adica algoritmul cu for in for sau cel cu do while, dar astazi vreau sa va arat o functie care sorteaza vectorii, reprezentand  si cea mai rapida metoda posibila si cea mai scurta din punct de vedere al codului.
Aceasta functie se numeste sort si face parte din biblioteca <algorithm>. Iata-i codul in program pentru cazul ordonarii crescatoare a vectorului “v” cu “n” elemente, care a fost citit incepand cu pozitia 0:
sort(v, v+n);
In cazul in care scrierea in vector se incepe de pe pozitia 1, apelarea functiei va arata astfel:
sort(v+1, v+n+1);
Poate ca acum ma veti intreba cum se realizeaza ordonarea descrescatoare. Ei bine, pentru aceasta mai trebuie definita de catre utilizator urmatoarea functie (pentru a afla cum se defineste o functie vezi articolul: Functii definite de catre utilizator) :
bool  descr(<tip> a, <tip> b)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

C++: Interclasarea

Avand la dispozitie doua tablouri unidimensionale, adica 2 vectori, cu elemente ordonate (crescator sau descrescator) trebuie sa construim un al 3-lea tablou care sa contina elementele primelor 2, respectand acelasi criteriu de ordonare.
Varianta I, cu un timp de executie ridicat
O prima idee ar fi aceea de a reuni elementele celor 2 vectori intr-un al 3-lea, pe care sa il sortam apoi crescator sau descrescator. Rezultatul obtinut dupa efectuarea acestei metode este, bineinteles, cel asteptat, insa dupa cum stim operatia de sortare este mare consumatoare de timp si de aceea aceasta metoda este ineficienta, avand in vedere faptul ca beneficiem de vectorii A si B gata ordonati.

Algoritmul cel mai rapid pentru problema data se numeste INTERCLASARE si este foarte cunoscut si important, dar nu pentru incepatori (primul an de studiu). Mai jos, dupa urmarirea unei analize pas cu pas (cu imagini si explicatiile aferente acestora) a unui exemplu concret de interclasare pe vectori, pentru a intelege ideea de la baza interclasarii, veti gasi algorimul ce realizeaza procedeul descris.

Evaluare in Educatie - Etapa a III-a

Astazi (12 MAI) se desfasoara etapa a III-a a concursului Evaluare in Educatie (numit si "Constantin Nastasescu"), sectiunea matematica, iar sambata viitoare (19 MAI) va fi etapa a III-a la sectiunea de lb. si literatura romana a aceluiasi concurs.
In cadrul concursului, fiecare sectiune este independenta si se desfasoara in 3 etape + 1 nationala. Participarea la primele 3 etape se face fara calificare, iar daca obtii 100/100 pct. la oricare dintre etape te califici la etapa nationala.
Subiectele de la primele etape nu sunt foarte grele si se incadreaza in programa scolara facuta pana la momentul desfasurarii concursului, deci va recomand sa mergeti la concurs, deoarece nici premiile nu sunt de neglijat.
Rezultatele le puteti gasi pe site-ul oficial al concursului,


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seesmic: a great social app

Seesmic is a wonderful app for PC, BlackBerry, iOS and Android, for those which enjoy using Facebook and Twitter and want to access all of their profiles on the way, with just a single app.
For all the platforms there are a free and a paid version, but I sustain that the free version is more than enough, at least the one for Android (there are a few differences between the features that appear on Android and the ones that are on iOS, BlackBerry and PC). On the PC you also can make free video calls!!
The developers promised that in the next version you'll also be able to bring your Google Plus and your 9GAG accounts in the free app. Isn't it great?
To bring an account in the Seesmic app means to have access to your Wall, friends, photos, posts, profile, pages, notifications etc.
But what is so revolutionary at Seesmic? Well, actually...

Unghiuri determinate de doua drepte taiate de o secanta

    fig 1
  • O dreapta se numeste secanta a 2 drepte daca intersecteaza cele 2 drepte in puncte diferite.
  • (Figura 1):   Dreapta d este secanta a dreptelor a si b deoarece clip_image002   si
  • clip_image002[10], iar A si B fiind puncte distincte.

    fig 2
  • (Figura 2): 2 drepte determina cu o secanta 8 unghiuri care, imperecheate intr-un anumit mod, poarta diferite denumiri, dupa pozitiile pe care le ocupa fata de dreptele date. Astfel:
    • unghiurile 3 si 5 sau 4 si 6 se numesc alterne interne
    • unghiurile 1 si 7 sau 2 si 8 se numesc alterne externe
    • unghiurile 3 si 6 sau 4 si 5 se numesc interne de acceasi parte a secantei
    • unghiurile 1 si 8 sau 2 si 7 se numesc externe de acceasi parte a secantei
    • unghiurile 1 si 5, 4 si 8, 2 si 6 sau 3 si 7 se numesc corespondente

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pastelul - definitie

Pastelul este:

  • o specie a genului liric (un text alcatuit din versuri, grupate in strofe si cu elemente de prozodie: rima, ritm si masura)
  • prezentarea unui tablou de natura (descriere lirica), pentru care se folosesc:
                    - multe enunturi nominale (multe substantive, adjective si adverbe; putine verbe)
                    -multe figuri de stil si imagini artistice

  • un text in care nu apar marci lexico-gramaticale ale prezentei eului liric, atitudinea acestuia fiind contemplativa (priveste detasat)
  • un termen ce provine din pictura, unde desemna un desen facut cu creioane moi
  • o specie introdusa

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Profilul Timeline pe Facebook

Acum cateva luni s-a lansat un nou tip de profil pe Facebook, numit Timeline. La momentul actual, activarea lui este optionala, dar se anunta ca in cateva saptamani acesta se va activa automat pentru toti utilizatorii.
Compania se astepta ca Timeline-ul sa aiba un succes colosal, dar parerile utilizatorilor il arunca in partea opusa, motiv pentru care de peste 2 luni se amana introducerea definitiva a acestuia, poate de teama unei respingeri irevocabile a utilizatorilor fata de Facebook???

Saturday, April 28, 2012

School & IT's presentation

Today I've posted on YouTube the introductory movie of School & IT and I already know that it will grow up immediately in the charts. See it here:

Tell me what do you think about it in comments.

Why you'll like Skype?

I'm sure that at least once you heard about Skype, but maybe you didn't install it to see how it works. Well, Skype is great if you want to talk with your friends, because at the video and audio conversation the quality is brilliant. Also, the file sharing is very useful, because they're sending quickly and the size limit is the biggest possible, even 5 or 6 times bigger than at Y!Messenger.

A very promoted feature of Skype is the one with you can dial or send text messages to USA or Canada, from anywhere in the world, for free or from USA or Canada to anywhere in the world, also for free! But the wonder doesn't stops here! You can dial and send text messages PC-to-phone or phone-to-phone via Skype from anywhere to anywhere by paying them at a very low price. I forgot to say that everything that's PC-to-PC is absolutely free!

The newest feature of Skype is also the most useful and here I'm talking about...