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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to download "Bouncy Mouse"

Bouncy Mouse is a new game which is showing to be really popular. For the Valentine's Day it was created a new limited set of levels, called Riccota Romance, which seems that had a lot of succes, but this levels are not anymore available. I discovered Bouncy Mouse in the Chrome Web Store and I really enjoy it, but then I also found it on Android Market and probably it is in App Store, too. This game was created by Disney.
If you don't heard about Bouncy Mouse it is because is a very new game, but I'm sure that you will all hear about this game soon, because it's very good and as interesting as Angry Birds or really more!

You must DOWNLOAD IT and play it, because is too funny! Search it in App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace, Chrome Web Store ... ANYWHERE! Sure it is!