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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Club Penguin" - Where world meets penguins...

Have you ever wanted to become a penguin? Or you simply like them? If you don't, I still think that sometimes you want to play many games on a single user account, to collect items and dress with them, to grow your own strange pets, to earn coins and stamps and to interact with other players. For ALL these wishes I have a great website for you:!
Club Penguin is an incredible game owned by Disney, in which you can have a free or a paid membership. There are also toys and cards in the special stores, which you can use in Club Penguin for getting items and awards. This game is very popular and it has billions of players!
In Club Penguin you can find so many games, you can earn stamps and thousands of coins by playing games, you can adopt puffles and care of them, you can get any color you want, you can play in theatre representations, you can dress and accessorize you and your puffle and a lot of other great features.
Become a penguin in Club Penguin!

P.S. You can play some of the games that you can find in Club Penguin on the mobile, for example you can download "Puffle Launch" from Android Market.

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