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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yahoo!Mail = a word in any life

If you read my blog, I'm sure that you have or you had an account on Yahoo!Mail. The phrase "" became a word present in each life... Even if it is just for the adults, all the kids and teenagers have an e-mail address on Yahoo!. "Yahoo!" it's an interjection from "Gulliver", very popular after it became the name of such a big company with free web services. Other well-known great services of Yahoo! are the Messenger, the Web Search, the Music Top and still more, but today we're talking just about "Yahoo!Mail".
In the smart-phones' markets  you can find for sure the original app of "Yahoo!Mail" and "Yahoo!Messenger" and they work very good both. I use this apps frequently and I'm very satisfied with them.

Leave us a comment with what do you think about the new look of "Yahoo!Mail" and maybe your e-mail address. Thanks!