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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seesmic: a great social app

Seesmic is a wonderful app for PC, BlackBerry, iOS and Android, for those which enjoy using Facebook and Twitter and want to access all of their profiles on the way, with just a single app.
For all the platforms there are a free and a paid version, but I sustain that the free version is more than enough, at least the one for Android (there are a few differences between the features that appear on Android and the ones that are on iOS, BlackBerry and PC). On the PC you also can make free video calls!!
The developers promised that in the next version you'll also be able to bring your Google Plus and your 9GAG accounts in the free app. Isn't it great?
To bring an account in the Seesmic app means to have access to your Wall, friends, photos, posts, profile, pages, notifications etc.
But what is so revolutionary at Seesmic? Well, actually...
you can see all that I've enumerated before, from ALL of your accounts,  in an interactive list. Awesome!
Install it as soon as possible and tell us what do you think about it!

 P.S. I like very much the icon of the Seesmic app (such a cute cat!!!).