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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Knowing" - a great mystery, drama and Sci-Fi story

"Knowing" is a quite old movie, from 2009, which brings Nicolas Cage and Chandler Canterbury in the center of a story categorized by some critics as a thriller, but in fact nothing scarier than just a very exciting combination of mystery, Sci-Fi and some of a drama.

Anyway, the movie presents the story of a teacher which opens a time capsule with drawings of the future made 50 years ago by some old students and gives an envelope with a drawing to every pupil at that school. An astro-physics professor's son gets a "drawing" with a lot of numbers, apparently random, which proves to be a...
list with all the disasters that happened in the last 50 years in the world, but also ending with some that are about to happen in the next week and the last one will be the end of everything. Watch the movie to see if they escape and how they find all those details!

The movie was nominated in 2010 for the "Saturn AWARD", the "VES AWARD" and the "Young Artist AWARD".