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Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Heidi" - summary help / test

For doing a great summary you need to start from a reading sheet, or from some ideas about the text. Of course that, before writing these, you must put yourself some questions and answer them, for being sure that you have understood the text perfectly.
By solving the excercices below you will see which parts of the book you need to read again and after that you will can do the summary of "Heidi", by Johanna Spyri, with no problems.

1. Answer these questions: 
  • What happened to Heidi's parents? 
  •  Why did Dete take Heidi to Grandfather's house? 
  • What is Heidi's bed?   
  •  Heidi thinks the mountains are on fire. What is happening?  
  •  Why doesn't Peter read to his grandmother?

2. Are these sentences right or wrong? 
  • The people in Dorfli don't like Grandfather. 
  •  Grandmother reads songs to Heidi. 
  •  Grandfather sells his cheese in Dorfli. 
  •  Heidi cannot say goodbye to Grandmother before she goes to Frankfurt.

CHAPTERS 6 -> 10
1. Who says these words? Who or what are they talking about?

  • 'Young woman! Why did you bring me this child?' 
  •  'We'll start with the ABC.' 
  •  'Do you want them? You can have them.' 
  •  'He's coming home next week!' 
  •  'Can I take it with me when I go home?'

2. Use the best question-word for these questions, then answer them.
               a. Where        b. Who       c. What       d. How

  • ... old is Clara? 
  •  ... does Heidi go when she wants to see the mountains? 
  •  ... does Heidi put in her cupboard for Grandmother? 
  •  ... talks to Heidi about god?

CHAPTERS 11 -> 15
1. Finish these sentences:
  •  Heidi walks in her sleep because ... 
  •  Peter's mother cannot buy the white bread in the village because ... 
  •  Grandfather takes a house in the village in the winter because ... 
  •  Peter pushes the wheelchair down the mountain because ...

2. What do you think?

  • Does Clara like Miss Rohmer? Why (not)? 
  •  Mr Seemann is unhappy because Heidi is not happy in his house. Why?

After you finished the exercices, write your answers in a comment and I'm going to correct it, if needed. 

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