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Saturday, August 4, 2012

This fall redefines technology

Seems like the most expected operating systems and devices are coming one after each other in September and October, when is announced the beginning of a new age of technology, because these are not just some little steps forward from the same main design idea: they represent a radical change of the appearance and main utilities with which we have already got used from the biggest companies, Apple and Microsoft, adapted to the change of modern man's lifestyle and also to the younger generation, which uses gadgets full-time.
Ending the generalization, let's see the spectacular releases concrete:

  • iPhone 5 running iOS 6
iPhone 5  may have a curved design...
iPhone 5 is a very expected smart-phone, since before the release of iPhone 4S. As we already know, Apple doesn't show its creations before the official release, so we need to wait until September 12th, when it will see the light of stores. Of course, that there are enough rumors about how will it look like, so let's see some of them:

...or it may be transparent!

The Start Screen
Microsoft is on the wave and will release Windows 8 in October, after Apple and, happy for us, the company doesn't use to keep secrets, so we know exactly how it will look like and I can tell you that it's completely different, in the spirit of radical change!

  • Microsoft Surface
Microsoft prepared for us its first tablet, but it's not like iPad or the Android tablets, which come from the concept to be between smart-phone and laptop, but closer to the smart-phone. Surface is also between these 2, but much more closer to the laptop. And I forgot to say that it will be launched at the same time with Windows 8, its operating system, which, on tablet, it's exactly like the PC version, plus the lock screen and the virtual keyboard. See downer the official presenting video of Microsoft Surface.

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