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Friday, April 6, 2012

Water pollution

              Everyday we bring Earth one step closer to be totally destroyed and one of the main factors leading to this is water pollution.
              By discharging the garbage and the toxic waste in the water we affect plants and organisms living there and, sooner or later, their species will disappear forever. In most countries there are laws which protect the rivers and all it means water by contamination, but anyway this fact happens!
              I’m sure that at least one time you saw people dumping their trash into a river, heard about oil spill from ships or about other factors that cause water pollution, whose authors are the people, themselves victims of this environmental disaster.
              But what about the solutions found for this problem?
              At present, the water pollution’s problem can’t be solved by just a snap of our fingers. Solving this will take time if we really want to eliminate it.
              Anyway, water pollution is a huge problem which can’t be handle so easy, but the people must solve it before remain Earth-less.

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  1. Water pollution is major problem in our living style ,as soon as possible we try to solve this.

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  2. Water pollution is more serious now. We must try to solve this, or we will drink polluted water.

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