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Gratitude to a bear

A year ago I was afraid when I saw a bear. The long story started when I went to a very old chalet in the high mountains, with my family. It was the very first time when I stayed in a chalet and I liked it very much. It was really interesting. The old chalet was made of wood and inside there was a huge and marvellous chimney. I loved to watch the warm fire in the old chimney.
        In the first day, we walked in the big green forest, we played with snowballs and we made a cute snowman in front of our wood house.
        Next day, in the morning when we went outside we saw a little bear which was sleeping relaxed near the snowman, in front of our chalet. My caring mother told us to stay inside the house because the bear is a wild and dangerous animal and we didn’t know what it could do.
        In the afternoon, the little bear was gone. We went to sledge. In a moment, a big dog was attaking us. We were afraid of him and we didn’t know what to do. I was really scared. In the next few seconds we saw the little bear which was running to the dangerous dog staying in front of us. The big bad dog stopped barking at us and after that it wanted to bite the little bear. The bear was rising in two legs when the dog came back and ran away.
        Our furry rescuer looked at us a few moments and went hurry in the forest. We remained grateful to him, because he saved our lives.
        Now I love bears, I love teddybears and I remember with love our little bear.
        You must afraid of bears, but not all of bears.


             Last week I had a very strange dream in which I was living at the North Pole, in a little igloo, with two giant purple penguins. They were both so cute and they were following me to another igloo from the neighbourhood when Lizzie, one of my penguins, stucked its foot in a block of ice. I don’t remember very well how I saved it, but I know that then I felt an earthquake and in a moment the igloo that we wanted to visit was covered by an avalanche. We tried to enter in it and see if it is somebody stuck in there, but in the igloo we found just a few baskets with fish, so we turned back to home, but in our way I felt another earthquake, much more powerful than the first one.

              When we came back at our igloo we found it covered by an avalanche, too and we couldn’t enter in it. My two purple penguins and I were very afraid, so we was screaming as loud as we could when a penguin in a helicopter landed near us and I think that with its help we uncovered our igloo or maybe not. I don’t know because immediately after the penguin landed I woke up.

             The little story that I said to you it is certainely one of the most strange dreams that I ever had, so I’ll never forget it.

Fred and the shoe box

            "Oh no, this box is too small for me and it smells terrible!"
            "I know exactly how you feel there, but there is no other way for you to escape!"
             It was one of the hardest moments for Fred, the little mouse. He was locked in the basement and since 2 months ago he is trying to escape, with a old shoe box. Jenny, another mouse, which was free, stays near him and wants to help Fred to get out of the basement.
            "Jenny, a man is coming, I must stay in the box now and it will be better for you to hide!"
            "Ok, good luck!"
            An old man and a little pretty girl entered the room. The little girl asked:
            "Grandpa, why is that shoe box in the middle of the room?"
            "I have no idea, but let's take it upstairs and put it in the rubbish. I don't think we need it anymore."
            Fred was very happy. He was finally free.


Once upon a time, Motty, a purple elephant was living on a tiny island, about people didn't know a thing. He liked to jump all day from here to there and to sleep in the huge blue tree from the center of the island, but most of all, Motty loved to tell stories with rabbits to his best friends.

This baby elephant was hearing everyday a lot of bad things about the ocean and the water, hence he was afraid to go to the shore at day. An evil mouse -Motty's biggest enemy- scared him at only 3 hours old by saying that when the sun is on the sky, some very dangerous sea-elephants swim to the surface of the water and kidnap every elephant who shows up on that beach. Since Motty was the only elephant living on that island, he didn't have any proof that what Baouse said was true or not. Moreover, the butterflies used to gossip about other baleful creatures seen in the waters around the island.

One day, Motty took courage and jumped with his cute and clumsy elephant legs all the way to the shore. He hid behind a tree and watched the ocean, as it was the first time when he was seeing it in the sunlight. He didn't see anything unusual, so he hid behind another tree, closer to the border of the island: still nothing. After a few more tries, he decided to jump with confidence and leant his head over the water...

"Oh, no! A sea-elephant!!", cried Motty shocked, and jumped a few meters behind. Completely unconsciously, he walked back there and tried to talk to the sea-elephant. "Is that me? Wow... The ocean is just a giant mirror!"